Early – Paint shop

Early Martinus

Function: paint shop employee

Employed by Nooteboom since: 2014

Dat of birth: 28 February 1976, Curaçao

Place of residence: Nijmegen

‘Our conservation street is one of the most modern facilities in Europe’

‘Just before the summer holidays in 2014 I already worked at Nooteboom for a spell, via an employment agency. After that I temporarily ended up at another company, but as soon as Nooteboom were recruiting again here in Wijchen I wanted to go back there.’
‘Because Nooteboom is a great company to work for: the colleagues are friendly and helpful and because there is so much going on you learn something new every day. I once trained as a fitter and I worked in that function in various places. But here, at Nooteboom, I was able to develop further in the discipline of spray-painting.’
‘In the paint shop we spray the vehicles with several layers of paint, so that they are protected for as long as possible and therefore last as long as possible. The conservation street at Nooteboom – where the vehicles are sprayed with paint, blasted and thermally sprayed with metal – is one of the most modern facilities in Europe. We use the technique of electrostatic spraying, which gives a much better coverage than the normal way of spraying. The paint layer is smoother and sharp corners are better protected. It also means we waste less paint. Working here is a pleasure!’