Approved apprenticeship

Together with the ROC technical college, Nooteboom has developed an internal training programme for welders and mechanics. Nooteboom is an approved training company for welding/construction and mechatronics. The Human Resources department, together with ROC, has developed their own internal training programme.

This 2-year vocational training course (BBL) for welders and mechanics takes place at Nooteboom. The pupils spend one day a week at school in a classroom on the Nooteboom premises where a teacher from ROC teaches them one day every week. The pupils spend the other four working days gaining practical work experience by working in the production.

Nooteboom also has their own welding school, where pupils work on assignments that relate to the production of a trailer. In addition to providing knowledge and expertise, the welding school is also a useful transition between school and work. Pupils learn to respect company rules and to appreciate the importance of comradeship and responsibility.